Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Down by the Tracks

Wednesday- Today was such a great day! We started out with lunch at the Rib & Chop with Dan Lick who runs the food bank and the Sisters and the Second ward Elders. I had a Buffalo Burger this time (Last time I had a Yak Burger). Pretty sweet! Then we went to the park and taught Peter the bird the Restoration while he was eating bugs. Then his friend James the bird came after we finished so we taught them both the Plan of Salvation. We asked them both if they would be baptized and they started chirping like crazy so I'd take that as a yes! :) We went to unload the truck at the food bank again at 4. As we were finishing, the Sisters called and said that Jacob and Erin want to have us over for dinner. So the Sisters picked us up, we changed back into our Proselyting clothes in 2 minutes and 10 seconds, then went over! We befriended them both and will be meeting with them again soon! Jacob is now officially an Investigator!! Erin is already a member! :D WOO! haha Right after that dinner we went to our already planned dinner with Sister Rousch (this older lady who had a potential
investigator over as well. We had a HUGE thanksgiving dinner for some reason but it was super good. We then taught Christ eh Restoration. It was a super good lesson and he wants us to come over and teach him some more. So that's 2 new investigators today!! We now have 5 investigators! Matt, Susan, Patricia, Jacob and Chris! The ward has really been stepping up their game recently and it's making everything so much easier! I love this area so much! Evelyn called us yesterday! She read the first chapter of the Book of Mormon finally! She's going to Dallas on the 1st for a week which is totally making me jealous. So not fair... We told her we'd take her and some friends skydiving after our missions so that'll be fun if it happens!

Thursday- Well honestly today started out a little rough. It's weekly planning day so we were at home the majority of the day which is no fun at all. We realized we need to kick it into gear with Sister Duffy! She only has 3 more weeks until her baptism date! I'm so excited!! Elder Johnson and Rucker came over for lunch and brought salads they got from the food bank yesterday. They were actually pretty good. We then continued planning for an hour then we helped them move this guy in their ward. We saw Sister Gilmore real quick after we were done with that and read her this story about a blind horse and another horse that has a bell. We ate some super good pork ribs at the Yates house. It started raining and it was only 8 o'clock and had no one left to see so we went up to 5th street, headed east, and just went as far as we could on our bikes. We took a bunch of sweet pictures out in the grass fields and on the train tracks. Then booked it back home down the hill! It was such a great way to end the day!

Saturday- We went over to Dying Mike's house to help him out with his sale. He actually put us to work loading up trailers. We unpacked his shed and put it on two trailers for him because he lost his home so now he's going to live in his camper. His kidneys are failing him so he's just slowly trucking along. It started pouring when we were finishing up so we just rode our bikes home since we were already drenched. We beat a train coming which was fun. (We were already at the crossing when the bars started coming down so don't freak out mom) :) It started hailing as well so it just wasn't a day that was nice to missionaries. We come home and accidentally fell asleep for and hour..we felt pretty bad about that. Then right as we were about to head out the door again because the weather cleared up, it starts storming really bad again. So we waited some more until it finally cleared up then we went to go see Laura ( the lady with cancer who we gave a blessing to) to check up on her and see how she's doing. She told us she feels perfect, find, nothings wrong. She said during the blessing she felt a beam of light go through her body. She's going back to the doctor on Monday so we're going to come back next week and explain what she felt and teach the restoration. Another new investigator! Then almost at 9pm as we were walking home, we were right across the street from our apartment and Matt is whistling at us from the Wells Fargo parking lot. We run over to him, see what's going on and talk a bit, then a jeep pulls up with a guy in it. He asked, "Where's the LDS church around here?" So I told him, then we got talking and got his information and gave him ours. His name's William. Turns out he was being taught by the missionaries in Colorado and is half a lesson away from being able to be baptized! So we're going to finish him up on the lessons! ANOTHER new investigator! That's 4 new Investigators this week! I don't know why the work is picking up now but I can't complain, it's so great being out here doing the Lord's work.

Sunday- We had Sister Duffy, William, and Jacob came to church! We had 3 investigators at church 2 weeks in a row now!! :) The talks were super super good! We didn't have a dinner but the Bujans saw us after church, like way after church when no one was there anymore an invited us over for dinner! I love our ward! They're the best! :D So we now have 7 investigators total and have Sister Duffy and William on date for the 19th and the 20th. 

Thanks for all your prayers and love! I love you guys so much! I'll continue praying for you all!

Elder Autrey :) 
Oh and Saturday the bar next door had a band playing all night so we got no sleep but I got to hear some cool songs?? And got to see a lot of drunk people dance! That was amusing!

I'm still with my trainer for another 3 weeks or 9 weeks depending on if he leaves this next transfer on the 19th. On the 19th I'm done training and my district and zone leaders keep telling me I'm probably going to be training someone so I may be a trainer soon. 

So we got 4 new investigators this week which is HUGE for this area. We now have 7 total that we're working with. 2 of them are getting baptized on the 19th and then the 20th!! This week flew by so I'm glad I wrote in my journal because I don't remember any of it. We went to the labyrinth again this morning and I taught a little experience about love to the other elders. They said the spirit was super strong in that moment so that was cool i guess.

I'm trying to save up my money for an emergency fund right now so I'm learning to just buy the essentials. I spent $30 shopping today and took out $100 to save and for fast offerings. 

The days feel like minutes and weeks feel like hours. It's so crazy. Time is flying by so fast. I hit my 3 months in 2 weeks.
Sheridan is probably the coolest place in the world. I love it so much. There's always something going on and the people are so nice. I wouldn't mind spending my whole mission here!

I love you Dad! Good luck with the new calling!

Elder Autrey

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