Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Don't Poke the Buffalo

Being a trainer is super awesome! I've had so much responsibility put on me and didn't really know if I was ready but out of all the lessons we've had this week I realized I'm more than ready. The spirit was so strong during one particular lesson and I was looking up scripture after scripture (which is crazy because I think I have like 2 scriptures memorized :p) and answering every question thrown at me. I just knew the spirit was there helping me out! Yeah I'm still here in Sheridan, the best city in America! My new companion is named Elder Ehlert. He's 6'3", 18 years old, part Viking apparently?, he's from Salt Lake the heart of the missionary factory, but the think I like most about him is how super smart he is! He knows so much about the church and can teach so incredibly well. He's so great!
New trainers: new dads
New Trainers: New Dads
I love those lessons where you just talk straight from your heart. They're always the best and the spirit is able to work on people so much better that way because you're testifying pretty much the entire time!
We're at the end of the payday cycle too!! I have 2 dollars I think haha but we're doing fine because our members are the best and always feed us! We should be getting more money this week too! We have to rely on some "manna" from heavenly father a lot sometimes but it just always seems to work out.
That's a ton of books! Holy cow! And not the easiest reads it sounds like either! I have a huge book list that I'm making for after the mission. I'm pretty excited about that!
That's super cool that the boys are taking the lessons. I can see how much Sam's testimony is building and I can't explain how much that means to me. I need to finish the letter I'm writting to you guys that I started like 2 weeks ago. I'm slacking a little but I'll get it! It makes me so happy to see you guys geting so stongly rooted in the gospel!
I love you!
Elder Autrey
So no more red hair huh? Ight we'll see. haha
That's super cool about all that family history! We've been asked to focus on family history this month so I've been looking up family history a lot! OH MUH GOSH I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING I HAVE TO SHOW YOU! So I was looking up a story about Edward Partridge and it totally makes sense why I'm here in Sheridan!
"Whatever his motivation, the legacy continued with his family. Among his living monuments is an unbroken line of bishops and other Church leaders to the present day. Two living General Authorities—Elder James E. Faust and Elder S. Dilworth Young—claim his ancestry. Tangible monuments to Edward Partridge are the old and new Church office buildings in Salt Lake City, the architects of which were a grandson (Don Carlos Young), and a great-grandson (George Cannon Young), respectively. Furthermore, Edward’s descendants played a prominent role in colonizing Millard and San Juan counties in Utah, and the Big Horn Basin in Wyoming.[That's Sheridian!!!!!] But the greatest Partridge legacy is intangible—the “steadfastness and patient endurance” that face hardship, trials, and adversity without flinching."
So yeah! That was super cool!
I love you guys so much! Hope you're doing great!
Elder Autrey!

Buffalo Poking

*pregnant pictures with Elder Johnson because we're both becoming "Dads" (trainers). and another selfie with a Buffalo. I poked this one :)*
This was when I was down in Gillette waiting for Elder Ehlert to arrive. We were doing a TON of yard work for this family. It was super fun!      

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