Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 7th

This week literally felt like an hour so I don't even know what to write anymore. Time is flying by so fast! We went up to the Equestrian center/ Polo fields where they had a huge fireworks show. I think the entire town of Sheridan was there! It was awesome!! We've been teaching a lot! We became like best friends with this part member family. They're only 19 and have a 6mo old baby girl. Erins a member but Jacobs not so we're teaching him. He's just about done with the lessons but he wants to finish reading the Book of Mormon before he's baptized. They read it together every night and pray and they've now been coming to church faithfully for 3 weeks now! :D He came to 2nd hour for the first time yesterday. We taught them 3 times last week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and we're going again tonight. So every other day hanging out with friends and teaching the gospel! Not a bad deal! :D

Sister Duffy's doing great as well! We taught her twice last week and she just has a couple commandments left until she's done with the lessons as well. She has her baptism interview this Friday and is getting baptized next Saturday on the 19th!! She tells us after almost every lesson our parents must be so proud of us as she's crying. It's the coolest thing. Next week is my last week of training then Elder Richards is probably leaving me... :( but I'll get over it I guess. I'm totally copied & pasted this from Alannah's email because I don't want to type it out again. I actually do that a lot. :) I wonder if anyone has noticed yet :p

Saint Herkster
I met a crazy guy that travels the U.S. in his car recording cops on video and recording devices to catch them abusing their powers and putting them in jail. This dude was a nut. I have 3 videos of him giving speeches to my companion and I about the world and church and what he does. He calls himself Saint Herkster. You can google him and find out about the junk he does.

Anyway's I've been being safe and being a good boy. Having a blast! Sheridan is probably the best place in the world! There's always stuff going on. There was a car show this week. It was so sick! There was a ton of super nice old cars. GTO's, mustangs, just sweet hot rods, but they also had some SWEET modern cars. There was a decked out 2014 Camero, a 2008 Dodge Viper, 2014 Stingray Corvette. I was loving it! It was 100 degrees that day though so it was a little rough.
Herkster's car

Last night at 10:30 during the middle of our companion prayer, we got a phone call from a member asking if we could come give her son a blessing. So we suited back up and activated missionary after dark mode!! Haha we got home at 11:30 then crashed. Waking up today was rough but we managed. I finally did the dishes too. I miss having a dish washer... :D But that's my life so far! Just doing the Lord's work one day at a time having a blast every minute! I love having the best calling in the church! :)

I love you all! 

Elder Autrey

A deer at the Church

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