Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Montana and Demon Chickens

Albino Rabbit
We're teaching a TON of people now! We broke up with Matt because he can't get rid of his alcohol addiction and he lost his desire. Sister Duffy is getting baptized this Saturday!! I'll have pictures next week! :) We're teaching a 19 year old named Jacob who has this adorable little girl named Cammy! I told him if him and his wife ever get a divorce that I'll be in court with them to try and get custody of her! He'll be done with the lessons this week as well! Hopefully he'll want to be baptized sooner than he does now. He told us he wants to read the entire Book of Mormon before he's baptized, which is fine but I think he'll figure it out faster than that. We'll see. :) We met a guy named William probably 2 weeks ago now, he was being taught be the missionaries in Colorado but then moved here. We finished up the lessons with him but he's struggling a bit with some things, so he has to wait a little until he can be baptized. We taught Chris, who's about 26, the Restoration about 2 weeks ago as well. We've been trying to get a date to come back and teach his wife as well. He finally got back with us on Friday and said we can come over next week! We went with a member to give his
Bed Racingdemon chickenfriend Laura, a blessing because she just learned she has cancer. We went back about a week after to see how she's doing and said she feels amazing and during the blessing she felt a beam of light go through her body. We told her we can explain what that was so we're going back to teach her next week! Yesterday while I was on exchanges in Ranchester, our investigator William brought a friend and his friends wife to church. His friend is related to Sidney Rigdon, still has the same last name, and is very aware of it hahaha :) But we're going to go teach them sometime this week now. And FINALLY one of our ward missionaries has been working with her friend Tonya, who used to be a member but is wanting to come back to church and be taught by the missionaries. But not just her, her husband is super interested as well! So we're potentially working with about 10 people here! Which is HUGE because when I arrived here 3 months ago, we just had Matt. Heavenly Father has really been helping us out. But the members have been such a big part of this I can't even say enough how much I love this ward!

We were in a bed race on Friday. The city blocked off main street and we raced these homemade bad car things. It was so fun but exhausting! We got a new car! :) A 2014 Toyota Corolla! It's super nice and fancy! While I was in Ranchester, we drove out to this farming community and got attacked by demon chickens! That was awesome! Oh also in Ranchester this little boy made these Minecraft things out of beads. So I had to take a picture for Tate! I told him Tate was an admin and he thought that was super cool. We also caught an albino rabbit BUT forgot to lock the door on the cage so it got away...

I still have Elder Richards with me this week. Transfers are this Saturday so we'll find out then if he'll be leaving or not. This Wednesday is my 3 month mark! Woo! I liked the random stickers and party streamer in the letter haha! 

Umm I don't remember much else about this week so there you go! :)

Elder Autrey!!!

We also went to this 100+ yr old church! It's super legit!

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