Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pictures of the Caves and Stuff

This past week we just did a bunch of service. Not much teaching. We helped out at the soup kitchen feeding the homeless, unloaded a truck at the food bank, helped 3 people move and probably more haha just can't remember! We had a funeral  for this new member's dad. He was a pretty sweet dude! He's been in like 3 car accidents, a chainsaw to the back of the head and stomach, got stabbed in the hood of Philadelphia and more! I've been reading the new testament and it's pretty sweet! I finished Matthew yesterday and I'm halfway through Mark. My talk in church was just trying to get the members to help us out more with missionary work! So we just spit fire at them during the meeting :) It was great!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hey! I'm loving life! No bike yet though.. I gave a talk yesterday in church about qualities of disciples of Christ. It was pretty sweet, we threw down on the members to step up their game. :) I hope your talk goes well though! I did get both letters!! Thank you so much for them and the picture of Jesus! We just got done going through this cave! It was so awesome!! There's these little tiny mouse holes we had to go through and then it opened up to these huge rooms! It was so much fun!!
Dexter's going to Taiwan!? That's so sweet! I have no idea where that is on a map though!! I barley even know where I am on a map... :)

 This week was kinda just a service week. We did a ton of service!! We helped out at the soup kitchen feeding the homeless twice, unloaded a truck at the food bank, helped 3 people move, ummmm what else. I don't remember but yeah! I think the coolest thing this week was seeing Matt walk into Sacrament meeting. He's one of our investigators, the only one on date and hasn't been to church for a couple weeks so that was awesome! We also gave talks yesterday! That was pretty awesome as well! We're really trying to get the members to step it up a notch because we need some serious help! I just finished reading Matthew! It is so good like whoa! Elder Richards and I are working on reading the new testament. We actually have zone conference starting this Wednesday night and then Thursday morning. I've been doing pretty well with writing in my journal. I miss a day or so when we get home late but for the most part it's going great!

(And on a side note from TJ, Kyle's cousin serving in Florida:)

TJ:   I got to meet a bunch of cool people, and I told everyone in ward
council that I have cool eyebrows.  I am endearing myself to them, my
fellow humans.

Clover:  TJ you are a nut. I enjoyed the picture of your closet and can tell that meant a great deal to you. Hidden prizes are the best! But now I need a picture of your eyebrows so I can tell for myself if they are really cool or not. 


Clover: You Win

Monday, May 5, 2014

First Week in South Dakota, I mean Wyoming


Did you get the picture of my working in the Bishops yard? The bishop's wife sent it to your phone so idk. I'm not positive what address you're supposed to send me stuff with so I'll send you a letter when I find out and let you know. But yeah, so I'm in Sheridan, Wyoming actually. It's real north almost to Montana. I love it here! We live in a pink building above a jewelry shop and next to a liquor shop downtown. We have the biggest apartment which is sweet but it's the oldest. I think I took some pictures of it actually! I'll look and stick them on here if so. We don't have a dishwasher though... haha. My companion is amazing! We're exactly alike, have the same humor, same background, pretty sweet! Except he's from Utah. :) All the members love that I'm from Texas and not from Utah! It's pretty funny actually! I gave a pretty awesome testimony yesterday and I think it pumped everyone up and got them to trust me. We've been teaching about 2-3 lessons a day since I got here on Wednesday. The wards not too big and there's not many investigators at all. We're working mostly with less-actives. But we have one investigator who is just amazing! He's name is Matt and he basically does our job for us! We give him the pamphlets and he reads them then commits himself to pray about them and to help with what he's going through. He's been extremely blessed because of it! It's insane!! 

The lady in the picture is Barbra from the MTC who bought your books!
Then that's some of my district from the MTC in the mission home!

We have a car! Don't really need a bike out here. I'm getting one from the mission office soon to go mountain biking though! and no it's just us 2 in the apartment.
Were at the church on their computers checking our emails.
My companion is Elder Richards! He's so cool! His dad went to England too!
I've made salsa the past 2 nights! He loves it so much!

Gangsta! Y'all should send me a lot of letters! Letters are awesome! :D

I love you too!!
Son :)  (Because I ended mine with "Mom")

(Written to Pat)

Well, I'm actually in Sheridan, Wyoming! My companion and I have our own apartment right in the middle of downtown. I love it! We don't have a dishwasher though.. I made salsa the past two days and Elder Richards and I have been devouring it every night. We live above a jewelry shop which is cool I guess and next down to a liquor shop BUT there's a DQ next door to that!! Elder Richards and I are exactly alike, it's kinda crazy. We have the same background and like the same stuff and have the same type of humor. He plays guitar which is awesome! We jammed last night with one of our investigators Matt. We share a car with the other Elders out here. We get it Sunday-Tuesday. That's crazy that Tate's already shooting up. It's not even been a month since I've been gone!? I got socks and a cord for my camera so I'll get some pictures for yall. Our ward is kinda small and they don't sing which really bums me out but it's okay! They're all about missionary work so it's a good trade off!