Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Then let them eat cake...

Labyrinth map
Sunday-We made a goal as a District to fast this day for the softening of the hearts for the people in this area towards the church and to have a family baptism in July. As of today (monday) we can actually see a huge difference in the people here which is amazing! Fasting is so powerful! I fast probably two times a month regularly now.

Monday- We went up to Soldier Creek Trail and rode our bikes. It was super hard but really fun! My legs are getting pretty jacked :)

Tuesday- We didn't have a lot of people to see on Tuesday so we went and hit the town. We ran into a couple interesting people but no one really interested. We went to the library to make some flyers to give to people that have the answers to the questions of the soul that we can find in the Book of Mormon. I was going to the bathroom in the library and walked past a room called the "Wyoming Room". I grabbed Elder RIchards so we could check it out. It was a room with a ton of cool historical junk that just really sparked my interest. 

WednesdayOn Wednesday around 1 we decided to just go take a walk through the park. We ran into this older
Labyrinth in WY park
lady Susan L who we helped move a couple weeks earlier. We talked for about 2 and she said she wants to check out our church now. We're actually going to help her build some book shelves in a hour and teach her a lesson. So we finally found a new investigator!! After we were done talking with her we explored the park some more and found a labyrinth! Haha we went through it this morning right before we came here to email and had some super cool and spiritual experiences and learned A TON! Those things are great to just slow down and reflect on life.

Thursday- We went to see a less active lady named Rita Jones. She's pretty beat up with multiple surgeries and basically bed ridden. We were able to give her a blessing of healing and comfort. She's such a neat lady! We're going to start to visit her maybe once a week or every other week to check up and see how she's doing. Sheridan is such a sweet town! There's always something going on! They had there annual summer 3rd Thursday Festival. It's this huge event where anyone can bring a table and sell people stuff or display stuff or play music just whatever. They close down main street and have it going on from 5-9pm. We went for about 2 hours just talking to people and having a blast!

Friday- A member, Brother B, asked us to join him give a co-worker a blessing. She was just diagnosed with a severe type of cancer and is pretty worried. So we went over and Brother Bujans gave such an amazing blessing. He was crying during most of it. So was Laura. The spirit was so so so strong during the blessing and everyone in the room could feel his presence. Afterwards she gave us all hugs and said she was so thankful for us coming over! The thing that really touched us was her husband. He is retired Navy and just this super tough guy but her broke down and cried during the blessing and afterwards as well he came and gave all 3 of us these super big hugs and said thank you with the most sincerity I've probably ever heard. Laura invited another friend over who is of the Jewish faith to give her a blessing as well. It was pretty interesting to see that prayer she gave in Hebrew and then the different reactions Laura gave after each blessing. During the other blessing she started to collect herself from her tears and afterwards she just said thank you real politely and gave her friend a hug. 

Book of Mormon cake
Saturday- The Second Ward Elders had a baptism on Saturday! Our investigator, Sister D came and was crying during the entire service! The spirit is so strong during a baptismal service it's pretty sweet! Afterwards Sister Duffy came up to us and said, "So we're doing this July 19th?" "YES, YES WE ARE!!!" Hahahaha that was the best thing I've ever heard! It was Sister H's husbands birthday as well. He served a mission then left the church so we decided to make him a Book of Mormon cake! If he's not going to read the Book of Mormon he can just "feast on the words of Christ" instead! :) Our other investigator Matt is struggling quite a bit. We're working with him as best we can so hopefully he can figure something out in his head.

Sam- I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Thinking about where I was in life when I was 16 and how it could have been so much better if I stayed closer to Heavenly Father. I read this talk last week and it just makes so much sense. You can actually watch it online which is sweet. I didn't realize it was an hour long but I read like all 9 or 10 pages of it and was super jacked on the spirit. He outlines how Christ's church is established in the Bible and proves with the Bible that our church is the only possible church that is Christ's true church on the earth. Here's the link...

Also this scripture is pretty sweet! Look at the picture I sent of it. The scripture is describing Utah and if you look
Utah in scriptures
at it vertically it actually says Utah in it!?!? Blew my mind!
2 Nephi 12:2

Anyways, that was my week! The days are going by so fast it's crazy. Time doesn't exist anymore. All I remember is waking up and going to bed then repeat.

I hope you all stay close to our Father in Heaven! I love you guys so much and pray for you everyday!

Elder Autrey :)

I gotta go...but first...LEMME TAKE A SELFIE!

To Dad:
Thank you so much for the prayers! They have been working!! We're potentially going to have 7 new investigators this week!! That's the most this area has ever had for years! I've been praying for you all as well to be safe and set financially which it sounds like Heavenly Father has answered that prayer as well with you being able to work overtime again! That's so great to hear! Thanks for the outline of your blessing. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from it. I think I'm going to do that with my blessing as well now. Hope you have a great day at work today and a great week!

I love you Dad!

Elder Autrey

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