Monday, June 9, 2014

Mission BMXing?

So this week was kind of slow with teaching. We've been focusing mostly on members and trying to help them feel more confident with doing missionary work. We've been out helping in the community quite a bit this week too, just trying to build our relationship there. This skate church called K-Life came through town on Saturday and
put on this festival downtown right down the street from our place. They built this little skate park in the middle of town and had a huge basketball tournament going on a couple blocks down. So we stopped and watch for a second and then I went to go talk to the one guy bmxing who was just tearing it up! Turns out he's one of the leaders of the church so we became friends pretty fast. We talked to almost all the teenagers there so that was weet! We really built our relationship with the teens of Sheridan now. So they announced they were going to start a bunny hop competition. I already made up my mind I wasn't going to go off any of the ramps because I knew I would probably hurt myself but I thought about doing the bunny hop competition and did. :) So I asked Cameron (the leader guy) if I could borrow his bike and he was like "DUDE HECK YEAH"! So I did it, nailed the jump, everyone cheered and clapped and went crazy because I was in my proselyting clothes and then the entire town of Sheridan fell in love with the missionaries and got baptized!! Okay no one got baptized but seeds were definitely planted! It was so fun!

This week we taught Elder's Quorum about the keys of the priesthood. Last week we taught Gospel Principles about just the priesthood. I started over the Book of Mormon again. I'm in Luke chapter 10 in the New Testament! The Bible is SWEET! I love it. And I started over in Jesus the Christ because I don't remember where I was haha.
Isn't Edward Partridge like super cool! I found out he got his calling election which is pretty cool! Anyways, I think we're going to ride at this dirt jump course today for P day! It's fun, we did it last week and had a blast! 

I love you guys! Read the scriptures, and say your prays! That's where the spirit and touch your hearts and conversion begins!

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