Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First few days in the MTC

The MTC is amazing!! The first 2 days here I was absolutely loving it! The third day was a little rough for just about my whole district just with fatigue and exhaustion but that night my companions and I talked about everything about what's going on and we all felt so relived afterwords. Such a bro bonding moment. My companions are the best! I'm in a threesome companionship because Elder Hunt's companion never showed up like, at all.

I've learned so much and realized I know A LOT more than I realized I did. Like my brain feels like it's about to explode sometimes but everything that's getting shoved into it is so amazing and so true. I can feel the spirit pretty much all the time which is just fabulous! The MTC grounds are really sacred grounds just like the temple. Speaking of the Temple, we just got back from going with our district. It was so relaxing and such an awesome way to just unwind from all the learning in classes. 

Sucks for Sam about his foot. Hope he doesn't get tetanus. (Note: Sam stepped on a nail. His tetanus shot is up to date however.)

The food is actually pretty good. It doesn't bother me much except it gives me and Elder Johnson really bad gas so we're just farting all day long. No be deal though, we enjoy it. :) I play volleyball everyday with my district which is sooooooo much fun!

President Uchtdorf came yesterday for Easter and gave a devotional. Seeing him enter the room was incredible. It's indescribable being in the same room as an apostle. After he spoke he walked around and shook hands with a lot of missionaries. He shook hands with the Sister right in front of me. SO CLOSE! hahaha. 

I'm the district leader for my district as of thursday (day 2). Once again, my district is the best! We all get along and joke around and have fun but we all follow the rules and really have a strong desire to learn all we can about this gospel. 

I leave for S.D. next monday 6am. We have to leave campus at 2:30am which I'm not looking forward too. OH so remember how I was always tired just for no reason at home?? Well I wish I could go back to that because I am now ALWAYS tired. It's unreal how exhausted we all are. But it's so admirable to see everyone fight through the exhaustion to learn as much as they can while they are here. 

Tell everyone I love them and miss you all a lot! I think about you guys every night and pray for you. Thank you for everything you have taught me and for keeping me in the church. I love you!

Elder Autrey


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  2. It sounds like he is doing well! How cool that he got to see and hear Pres. Uchtdorf.