Monday, October 20, 2014

Jacob's Baptism

So what's going on up here? Well for me I'm really excited as of now about how the work is progressing in the area. After Jacob's baptism I realized we don't have any solid progressing investigators. I was put down that afternoon feeling like there wasn't much I could do but I asked Elder Ehlert for a blessing of comfort and we went out to find people Sunday prayerfully and faithfully seeing some success!

We may be dropping S here soon. She's more than willing to learn about the gospel all day long but she doesn't act on anything we're asking her to do. She's been sick this week so we haven't been able to meet with her.

We may also be dropping T as well but we're going to try to see her at least one more time to see if there's been any changes in her since she went to her brothers baptism. The spirit was so incredibly strong during that baptismal meeting I can't imagine her not wanting to learn more. We'll just have to wait and see.

Elder Ehlert and I are doing the best work we've ever done together. We're having great mornings, effective studies, we're busy most all days, and most importantly I think is that we're trying new things and involving the members in our finding efforts now. The Lord has definitely been a helping hand in our area this past week.

The most spiritual experience this week was definitely Jacob's baptism. During any baptism the spirit is so strong but I loved this one first of all because Jacob finally made the choice to be baptized, but his parents and sister and two family friends  came and I know they felt the spirit! It was so incredible to see someone I love and have been teaching for almost 5 months now finally make that covenant with Heavenly Father!

I Love you guys!!

Elder Ehlert's teaching me how to draw! It came out to be Obama unintentionally!

Modeling at the Duffey's on their new porch ;)

This Sunday we went over to Jacob's house for lunch and we all passed out. It was great. His wife took pictures haha :)

Oh yeah, I'm driving a different car now. A 2013 Chevy Cruze. It's waaay fun to drive haha. It's like a tiny race car but there's no leg room in the back seat! We're going on a road trip next Thursday the 30th to Rapid City, South Dakota to have a quad zone conference. There's going to be a lot of missionaries there so I'm pretty excited! Oh and my MTC companion is in Buffalo, Wy now! I get to see him on Fridays when we have district meetings! It's way cool to catch up and see how much we've grown!

The sunrise in Sheridan!

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