Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blades of Glory

Me- HIIIII!! :) YOU'RE THE BEST! Hahaha :) Check it out!

So we've been seeing small but more consistent blessings in our area this past week. We've been really working on our obedience and trying to become as perfect as we can be and I can notice a huge difference in the area in the people we've been finding and the power in my own personal teaching. We've been able to find and teach former investigators that I found in the Area Book from a couple years ago. We're finding more less-actives with potential to come back. We're also using our time wisely and limiting the visits or dropping those who aren't progressing anymore.

Jacob is doing amazing! He's had some hurdles thrown at him this week that potentially could have hindered him from his baptism this Saturday but he recognized that it was Satan in his life trying to distract him and make him angry but he overcame it and couldn't be doing better! He also gave me a sheath knife for my birthday! It's legit. I actually have 4 knives now. I don't know how I ended up with so many but it's cool. :)

In my personal studies I've been reading the New Testament. I finished Acts last weekend and I'm now in Romans chp. 11. I read the talk called "Missionary Work and the Atonement" by Elder Holland this morning out of the Leadership Binder. I really liked how much he stressed the importance of making sure our investigators and ourselves have faith in our Savior and his atonement and to testify of both frequently.

My favorite spiritual experience this week was when we were walking back to our car after a lesson with a lady in a heath care center we walked past a lady we was sitting on a bench outside by herself. We got into the car and I couldn't stop thinking about this lady so I told Elder Ehlert, "You see that lady on the bench there? I feel like we need to go talk to her and give her a Book of Mormon". I really liked Elder Ehlert's response, he perked up, opened the door and said, "let's go then"! So we went over and talked to her, she said she was Catholic and was going to stay that way but I persisted and kept talking to her and found out her son is a member and eventually gave her a Book of Mormon. We also were able to say a prayer with her then we left. I felt so good and happy that I listened to the spirit to give this lady a Book of Mormon!

I love you mi familia!

Elder Autrey
Ps. that's Elder Rasmussen when we were cleaning a building that burned on the inside haha :)

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