Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Days in the Life

 Inline image 1 <--- I don't know how that just worked but there's the weather for this week. Apparently it's going to snow on Wednesd

Here's what I've been up to:

We've had a decline with our investigators the past couple weeks but the work has still been progressing. We decided since we don't have many investigators to teach, that we'll focus on finding and working with less-active members and bringing them back. We saw some great results this week with four new less actives who came to church! We've also been teaching the members (focusing on the youth) the Restoration lesson and then challenging them to teach us the Restoration lesson our next visit. These have been super successful and a great way to teach children how they can gain their own testimony and practice teaching!

We saw one investigator this week. Tori is actually Jacob's sister another one of our investigators. She's sat in a couple lessons we've had with Jacob and started gaining an interest. We taught he the Restoration with one of her friends Lana, who turned out to be a less-active member in our ward who we've been trying to find! I asked her the question, "What would it mean to you if Christ's original church, that he set up, was back here on the Earth again today?" She said the best two words I've ever heard, "It is" then later said "I'm here with you aren't I?". I know the spirit's working with her and some amazing things are about to come forth soon!

Robin is out in Minnesota about to have a part of his Liver removed. We need to call him and check on how he's doing.

Jacob is out of town for work. He hasn't been talking to us much since he's left. He comes home for only 2 weeks at a time and is then out of town again for 5 weeks. There's not much time to see him anymore so we need to be creative to help him bring the spirit into his life consistently.

Elder Ehlert and I are really coming a lot closer now. We're becoming really good friends and laughing and having fun a lot more. The work is definitely improving with us working together and collaborating our ideas.
Elders Ehlert and Autrey
Elders Ehlert & Autrey

A spiritual experience I had this week was during Sacrament meeting. We had 4 less-active members in attendance and I felt the need to get up and bear my testimony. I talked about the Book of Mormon and how it's changed my life and how it can resolve any question we have about the church and even life itself. I've challenged myself to bear my testimony once a day and I've seen a great increase in how much stronger my testimony has grown the past couple weeks.

The Ward Council is doing great! We're now having representatives from most auxiliaries coming out to our missionary correlation meeting. The desires in the ward to help us has been increasing tremendously and has definitely been a blessing for us. We can't do anything or make any progress without the ward's help! Members are essential in missionary work!

One super fun thing we did this week was the mud sludge! My job was to make sure people didn't drown in the mud at my station. No one did! :) Success! Then we were able to run the course. It was a 5K with a ton of obstacles at the rodeo fairgrounds. So we had to climb up hay bails, over barn walls, under fences, under logs, crawl through poop infested horse pins! It was sweet! And we did it all in our slacks and white shirts and ties! (Salvation Army clothes) And all that while covered in mud! It was AWESOME!!! :)

Welp that's all folks! I'll send some pictures here soon.

I love you guys! Keep being awesome and staying strong in your faith!

Elder Autrey

97 Bananas

Have you ever seen 97 bananas before?
Modeling with bananas

We got the bananas from the food bank. They got 4 pallets of them and made us take a box.

The Old Country this huge burger I ate last week! It was SO GOOD!! :)
Elder Ehlert bbqing
Elder Ehlert

Elder Autrey & Elder Johnson

Elder Rasmussen

Elder Johnson

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