Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Great Ward

Our ward is doing so great! We're seeing such a huge success with members coming out with us to lessons now. Whether they're with investigators, less-active members, or the member's home teaching family. Having a member testify is one of the most powerful things I've ever experienced. We officially now have an assistant ward mission leader which is so helpful. Now we don't have to dump everything on Brother Doyle so that's going to be a huge help for him and us.

We struggled this week to be able to teach our investigators. I think Robin is trying to avoid us at this moment in time. He came to church two weeks ago and I think it either reminded him of his past or it was too different from his past experiences at church that he's used to. So we're keeping daily contact with him over the phone but still trying to get back into his home.

Jacob has been working out of town this week and then we he came home for the weekend he went camping with his family. All we could do was keep calling him and see how he's doing. 

We're having an open house at the church in two weeks and are expecting a pretty decent sized turn out. Last time this area had a church tour a family was baptized. I'm super excited to see what success we can see from this!

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